Online Manual - Combat

While you 're adventuring you will very soon find out that many creatures or people do not like you much. Then the only thing you have to do is to trust your weapons and fighting prowess

Enemies and hostile creatures have a red circle. When you mouse over the circle the default action is to attack the creature, so the cursor becomes a sword.

You can also click on the sword from the interface buttons and then pick the creature you want to attack.

Combat rounds

Combat occurs in rounds. This means that once you or an enemy have completed and attack, a certain period of time must pass until you are ready to prepare your next attack. This amount can vary. The main character default is 5 sec but this can become shorter (which means you can attack faster) when using some magical weapons.

Combat resolution

Combat resolution is the sum of rules that determine when an attack is successful. This is very simple in Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG. Each creature has an attack roll. For example the main character's attack roll at the start of the game is 1-6. This means a random number from 1 to 6 is picked when attacking. If this number is equal or more than the creature's armor then the attack is successful.

Once an attack is successful, then damage is applied to the target and the target's endurance is reduced by a damage amount. When endurance reaches 0 the creature is dead.

Impoving Combat Odds

There are many ways to improve combat results.

  • You can get better weapons. Some magical weapons give you an attack or damage bonus.
  • You can increase your strength or dexterity that give you melee and missile attack bonuses
  • You can increase a weapon specialization and fight with this specific family of weapons that you are expert on. This will give you attack and damage bonuses
  • Use healing potions or spells to restore your lost endurance
  • Increase your constitution which increases your maximum endurance and makes you harder to kill