Online Manual - Character Abilities

You have 5 primary abilities. These determine what items you can use. For example most melee weapons require a minimum strength value and missile weapons require a minimum dexterity value.

Clicking on an ability name will show a description for each ability as well as any effects you get by increasing the ability.

Your strength ability determines what kind of weapons you can use. Most melee weapons will require a minimum strength ability before you can use them.

All weapons have a minimum strength, or dexterity or both requirements in order to be used. If a character has an ability (or abilities) above or equal to the specified requirements then he may use the weapon or item. In a different case, he cannot, and must raise his abilities in order to meet the requirements of the weapon. Once a person can use a weapon the damage he may cause depends entirely on the weapon plus any damage bonuses.

For every 15 points of Strength you get a +1 attack bonus when using melee weapons.

Your dexterity describes how agile you are and what kind of weapons you can use. Most missile weapons, like bows, will require a minimum dexterity ability before you can use them.

For every 15 points of Dexterity you get a +1 attack bonus when using missile weapons.

This ability is a cumulative score of all your mental capabilities. It is a vital ability for all actions that require a high degree of intelligence like casting a spell, picking a lock, disarming a trap etc.

For every 10 points of Mind your maximum mana is increased by 4 points

Your Spirit score is a cumulative ability of all your spiritual and divine capabilities. This ability determines how successful you are in casting priest spells like protective or curative spells.

You constitution shows the general health and physical built thus determining maximum endurance.

For every 3 points of Constitution your maximum endurance is raised by 2 points