Items - Weapons

You can equip weapons through your inventory and use them to fight enemies. Some weapons are better and more powerful than the others while some of them might be magical and have some benefits while they are equipped.

These are only a few of the types of weapons you can use in the game

weapon sword - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

Long sword
The simple, elegant weapon of heroes and knaves alike. The light plays on the blade and the polished pommel like they were old friends, teasing a fierce glint from the razor-honed edge.

1-7 slashing damage

Minimum requirements:
Strength: 4

weapon bow - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

The recurve design of this woodsman's weapon increases the distance and depth of the strike. The string is crafted from a weave of gut and wild vine which folklore says is unbreakable.

Depends on the arrows used.

Minimum requirements:
Strength: 6

weapon plain hammer - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

The shaft is well worn and thick as your arm. The head is wide, flat and brutal. You can't help but picture the skulls cracking.

2-6 crushing damage

Minimum requirements:
Strength: 3