Items - Armor

It is advised that you always try to wear the best armor you can find. Some armors will give you a bonus to melee attacks while some other might also help avoid both melee and missile attacks.

These are only a few of the types of armor you can use in the game

leather armor - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

Leather Armor
The thick layers of well oiled, tanned hide will stop all but the finest weapons. The quality leather molds to the contours of your body, keeping movement free and quiet.

Melee Armor: +1

studded leather armor - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

Studded Leather Armor
It is hard to improve upon functional simplicity. However, adding strategically placed metal studs not only increases the defensive strength of the armor; it also enhances the quality look of the outfit.

Melee Armor: +2

chainmail armor - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

Chain Mail's interlocking rings shimmer like the scales of a metallic snake and grant the wearer the protection of steel while staying flexible. It is always worn over a layer of padded fabric or soft leather to prevent chafing and lessen the impact of blows.

Melee Armor: +3

full plate armor - Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

Full Plate
By far the sturdiest armor, Full Plate Mail is a total body defense against the most fearsome of enemy weapons. It is true, Full Plate Mail is not graceful. But who needs grace when you are covered in layered plates of shining steel?

Melee Armor: +5