Not all creatures will be friendly towards you. Some of them will attack you on sight such as wild animals or evil humanoids trying to get your gold, while some other might turn hostile after you attack them first or if they feel threatened.

All hostile creatures in the game will have a red circle marker. Clicking the marker will trigger the default action which is to launch an attack.

rat monster - gemstonedragon.com Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game

Giant Rat

Hidden from human eyes for centuries and appearing only in myth and legend, the wild giant rat has only recently been spotted invading human territory. Over the span of several thousand generations these creatures have morphed into gigantic monsters whose blood-shot eyes are something a traveller does not want to wake up to. Intelligent and audacious, the wild rat has only one thing on his mind: stifling the incessant hunger that wastes its body. They attack and attempt to eat anything that moves and their sharp teeth and claws make them quite a successful predator. They have been seen dragging whole sheep behind them and are known to attack humans as well.

wolf monster - gemstonedragon.com Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game


The most common of all is the giant timber wolf whose intelligence and cunningness is well documented throughout human history. They travel alone in the summer and they pose little threat then, but during the cold months of the Aschelonian winter, the wolves gather in packs and they hunt for anything they can scent: whether goblin, dwarf, elf, ogre, orc or human. Incredibly strong and resilient, the timber wolf is also audacious beyond reason. It has been reported that one or two individuals were capable of attacking whole groups of armed orcs. They are relentless in their pursuit and once they scent their prey, they do not stop until blood is spilled.

spider monster- gemstonedragon.com Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game


These monstrous eight-legged creatures are surprisingly fast and cunning. Once they spot their prey they move in quickly for the kill and use giant fangs to inject fast acting, debilitating poison before proceeding to devour the paralyzed victim whole. They are very territorial and aggressive, attacking anything that moves within their vicinity. The spider?s powerful legs are capable of breaking a human femur, and these creatures are seldom the ones to retreat first making the fight long and exhausting.

skeleton monster - gemstonedragon.com Gemstone Dragon Flash RPG Game


They are the resurrected remains of ancient warriors who wander aimlessly, leading a very solitary existence. Completely incapable of emotion, whether love or hate, they are focused on one thing alone: killing anything they deem dangerous to themselves or whatever it is that they protect. They are difficult to destroy because they feel no pain and they continue to attack until they can drag their wasted frames across the floor. Luckily, they lack the skill or intelligence needed to mount a serious and organized offensive.

This is a small list and only a part of the enemies that you will fight during your quest for the gemstone dragon